We are a company who are helping customers to work better with software. They have bought an ERP package and mostly are experiencing challenges for making this work for their company. Our mission is to make the working processes simple.

Our tools are:

  • The programming languages Python and Java
  • Our solution WTell which runs on Tomcat and offeres a fixed solution for production companies.
  • The good opensource software solution Odoo
  • A small ERP package ISAH which is mostly used within Holland for production companies.

Java and WTell

We use Java as general language for supporting our customers with a general web solution. This solution is called WTell.  WTell is based on the JSF – framework and uses Primefaces.  Our customers perform the planning, measuring, hourregistration and repair orders with the help of WTell.   The interface of WTell combines different software package within one screen and this makes the use of the software easier.

A different solution of WTell is that we have developed a communication module with CNC-machines.

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ODOO and python

With Odoo we have a good software solution out of the box.  Our customers a very happy with Odoo and the support we deliver.  Mostly they don’ t need a lot of adjustments because a lot of good work is out of the box.  If needed we will adjust the software and use for it the programming language Python.

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ISAH is a ERP package with is developed in the Netherlands.  The purpose is to help production companies with their logistical processes.  Out of the box this software package is rather complex.  We help our customers to reduce this complexity and let them work easier.   For this we use: MSSQL scripting, VBScripting, Fast Reports.

Mostly we start with easy scripting and then we give our customers advice for making their businesses running better.

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If you are in need of assistence of issues regarding:

  • Python
  • Java
  • Tomcat
  • Odoo
  • ISAH

You can contact us and we are happy to help you.  We let run your company better.


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